Lakshmi Gold Slots Furore

Written by » Online Slot News on May 28, 2012. Posted in Uncategorized

The release of the Lakshmi Gold Slots game has not been without its controversy. Normally the release of a new slot game is accompanied by a flurry of PR as well as hype by Casinos.

In this instance the remarkable lack of PR is certainly understandable, what is not understandable is the remarkable lack of foresight that Playtech have employed in creating this game.

The Playtech slot game is a themed game and revolves around the Hindu deity Lakshmi who is the Hindu goddess of wealth. The game also has images of Ganesh, another Hindu deity as well as other images sacred to the Hindu religion.

Given that Hinduism has a billion followers we have to question the sanity of making a game that involves the use of figures that are so important to the religion in a slot game. Was it the intention of Playtech to try and crack the Indian market. We do know that there are specific Playtech Casinos that are targeting this market.

If that is the case surely the use of religious imagery is a not the wisest of methods to employ.  Although Playtech are a company listed on the London Stock Exchange , the company is majority owned by the Israeli entrepreneur Teddy Sagi.

In this instance we have to say that releasing a slot game like this is akin to having a bull in a china shop. If the object of the exercise was to attract more Indian Slot players to Playtech Casinos then this is something that has seriously backfired.

The lack of sensitivity or understanding on the part of Playtech is simply incredible. We do hope that this is one slot game that is removed in due course never to see the light of day again.