Dispelling Online Slots Myths

Written by » Online Slot News on July 17, 2012. Posted in Uncategorized

Online slots and other casino games should primarily be played for the entertainment value. Sure it is amazing to win a huge jackpot, but it is naïve to bet your life on it, so to speak.

Online casinos offer a variety of slot games, promos and prizes to make the entire experience worth your while. Any other approach or attitude towards these games could simply spoil all the fun for you.

You may have woken up this morning thinking, today’s my lucky day, I feel a big online slot win coming. There’s a pretty good chance that’s not going to happen and a pretty good reason to go with it too.

Online slots and other games of chance use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure the outcome of every spin is totally unrelated to the one before or the one after it. The good news is, this means that every time you spin the reels there is a chance you could win. There is, however, an equal chance that you could lose.

The RNG is oblivious to how lucky you’re feeling. So don’t be delusional; sign in to your favourite slot game site to play for leisure instead. If you win, it’s the RNG that deserves a bigger Thank you than your luck.

Say you’ve been playing a slot game for a while some day and you’ve not had a win since the time you started that session. No matter how much you press on and keep spinning the reels, there is no guarantee you’re getting any closer to a big win. There is no such thing as a hot online slot machine; the only thing that’s heating up with your persistence is your computer.

Having a winning or losing streak does not mean you’re on to something, at least not in online slot games. The best thing to do is treat every single spin as unique because the outcome is always going to be random. If you win, it will still be a random event.

Once in a while you’ll come across someone who’ll say they’ve figured out how online slot games work, and claim they can predict the outcome of a spin. These two claims contradict each other. If you really know how online slots work, you’ll know you can never foretell an outcome.

The sole purpose of the RNG is to make sure this is a game of chance, which in the truest sense means something that cannot be manipulated. Gambling addicts frequently use the excuse that sooner or later they are bound to win. This is absolutely baseless. Gambling is not an investment, and saying that you will eventually win is not going to change that.

Of course there are cases of big online slot wins, but that does not mean every single player bags a jackpot. On the contrary the more you play the more you are losing while you place your bets. Always play responsibly.

Gambling can never promise you a steady income, so it is futile to expect your online slot games to pay your bills. Win a game first and then decide how you’ll spend it, not the other way round.

Some of these may be a real eye opener, but the foremost thing to remember is that a licensed online slots site will only provide an equal chance to all its customers. The RNG serves this purpose beautifully and is singlehandedly responsible in discrediting all the traditional myths about online casino games.