Newar Roulette Game set to launch

Written by Gambling News on April 10, 2012. Posted in News

A revolutionary new Roulette game is set to be unveiled at Windows Casino. The new Roulette game called - Newar Roulette is according to the creators of the game the future of the game of roulette.

Roulette is already an incredibly popular form of table and machine gaming in the United Kingdom and this new version of the game will we feel prove to be just as popular. Newar Roulette has the same distinctive layout as most normal roulette games, the difference on this particular game is on the new range of side bets that the game offers.

Newar Roulette is a lot easier on the eye and the bets are clearly designated for both novice and expert Roulette players. The Newar Roulette games offers players the choice of playing on both a single zero and double zero roulette game.

Please note that the game has not yet been released at the Casino and we will advise when it is available to play. We have obtained a sneak preview of the game. Roulette players in the UK will be able to play the Newar Roulette game at the popular UK Windows Casino site. 

Written by Debbie Hall for Online Keno – your best source for online casino news.