Casino Payout Ratios March 2012

Written by Gambling News on April 2, 2012. Posted in News

Windows Casino and King Solomons Casino are part of the Wager Junction group of Casinos and it seems that the top UK Casinos have decided to be as transparent as possible. The Casinos have started publishing the monthly pay out ratios on the various Casino games that they offer , warts and all. We say this as some of the ratios are decidedly in favour of the Casino.

Whilst publishing the Casino Payout ratios is a good thing in our opinion it does not necessarily mean that the games are going to behave in the same fashion in the next month. The Casino Payout ratios have no bearing on what is going to happen in the future in other words and casino players need to bear this in mind. Find below the full Casino payout ratios for March 2012.


Game type King Solomons Casino  Windows Casino
Card Games 97.10% 94.90%
Fixed Odds 95.50% 90.50%
Progressive Slot Machines 94.90% 92.00%
Progressive Video Pokers 59.80% 96.10%
Scratchcards 91.40% 90.40%
Slot Machines 91.50% 92.30%
Table Games 95.40% 97.70%
Video Pokers 97.60% 98.30%
Total Casino Payout % 93.50% 93.40%

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